No Longer an Invalid


Today is the day I reclaim my life. For the past three days, my life has been a fog of tissues, ibuprofen, and naps. It was all I could do to drag my sorry self off the couch and back into the bed. It was riotous good fun. But not today. Today is the day I start standing upright. Today is the day I will taste my food again (seriously, four days that I haven’t tasted anything I put in my mouth). Today is the day I leave the apartment. Today is the day I abandon my tissue box…maybe not that last one. I think that might still be necessary. But no worries; there will be plenty of hand washing.

And what am I planning on doing for my grand entrance back into life? Make macarons! Admittedly, this is a somewhat daunting task for a person whose head is still swimming in the vestiges of last night’s Nyquil, but nevertheless, I am determined. Armed with the beautiful tutorial provided by the incomparable Tartlette in Desserts Mag, I believe I can succeed. I know that these little gems have swept across the food blog world over the last year, but I’ve never been terribly cutting edge. I’m quite the bandwagon jumper, and a late one at that.

I attempted this project once previously with a moderate amount of success, but I have no records of that attempt. But this time, I believe I will overcome my fear of these finicky little French cookies and prevail and I will have the pictures to prove it. So here we go:

My plan was to make raspberry filled macarons and I wanted them to be pink. Per Tartlette’s directions, powdered food coloring is preferred so as not to disrupt the moisture balance. As I do not have such things in my humble kitchen, I took a tip from Jen at Use Real Butter and put gel food coloring in the granulated sugar. I may have over done it a bit…you’ll see.


Here are all my ingredients lined up and ready to go. I weighed everything out in grams…quite taxing on my little brain. 


Powdered sugar and ground almonds into the food processor! They went  for a whirl.


A VERY pink meringue…


The ever important macaronage…fold, fold, fold! (Have you noticed that my spatula is pink, too? I like pink)


Piped rounds waiting for the oven.


Fresh from the oven! Look at their little feet! Go me! (Ignore the lurid, Pepto Bismo color; focus on the beautiful feet!)


Filled with raspberry jam. (My sister is standing behind me as I take these pictures, “Can I eat one yet?”)


What d y’all think? I just noticed that the Chronicle had an article about macarons in this past Sunday edition. I swear I didn’t know about that when I started this morning.

6 responses to “No Longer an Invalid

  1. Oh WOW. Save some for meeee!! I LOOOVE MACARONS!

  2. Yum! I love macarons. My faves are almond and salty caramel.

  3. hello! so macaroons are actually spelled with one “o”, huh? ok.. well, they are yummy anyways!!! MMMM.

  4. Seriously. These look AMAZING. Baby, GET IN MAH BELLY!!

  5. As I said before, I demand that you bring some to CG tonight.

  6. these turned out awesome, denise! way to go as i’ve also heard they’re tricky to make. totally didn’t know you even had this blog…but i stalked…and i found you 🙂 very nice!

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