Me vs. Me

There was an episode of Friends (I want to say season 10) where Monica gets goaded into making Thanksgiving dinner in order to improve on her previous year’s dinner. She says something like, “It will be like I’m in competition with myself…that’s my favorite kind!” I am ready to embrace my inner Monica. Ever since I made that present cake (less than 24 hours ago), I feel like Future Denise has been challenging Past Denise and claiming that she can do it better. This is because Present Denise is so bothered by some of the strange quirks that appeared in the cake that she spent a good part of her morning obsessing about all the things Past Denise should have done differently.

All of this is a very confusing way of saying that this morning, 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave for work, I decided I had to try again. Right that instant. Could not wait. I had everything I needed in front of me: extra cake, tons of extra fondant, etc. So I went to work and twenty minutes later I had this:


It’s a mini-cake! But I think you can see the strange pock marks and bubbles that kept cropping up. You can see it on the purple, but not the green. I can’t figure out what happened. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it smooth and satiny. I’m guessing this has to do with the way I made my fondant, instead of using the commercially-made stuff. Homemade is not quite as pretty here, but tastes infinitely better! I guess this means more practice is needed.



Grrr…Present Denise is still dissatisfied. We will continue to challenge Future Denise…anyone out there need a cake?

One response to “Me vs. Me

  1. can’t believe you did that in 20 minutes!

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