Another Challenge for Future Denise

So we’re back to macarons. As I have said previously, these little buggers really get under your skin. I have spent countless hours daydreaming about making them and trying new flavor combinations. Unfortunately, after today’s attempt, I think my obsession with these things is about to grow…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hate making mistakes. I hate failing. And while I wouldn’t say that these macarons are a failure, I know I can do them better. I waffled back and forth about whether I even wanted to post about these…but I reminded myself that one of the purposes of this blog is so I can record my progress. So here they are:


This was my first attempt at chocolate macaron shells. I’ve hesitated on the chocolate shells because I’ve read that the acidity of the cocoa powder can wreak havoc on the precise chemistry upon which the success of these cookies depend, thus making these the most finicky of these finicky cookies. But today, I decided I would face my fear. So far, the planets have all lined up for me when it comes to macarons, and I had no real reason to believe that I would fail. So off I went, carefully weighing and mixing. But when I popped them into the oven, my fears were confirmed. While they all developed their little feet, their tops were far from the beautiful smooth domes that are desired. Rather, these were either wrinkly or cracked. A couple had smooth tops, but they were strangely flat. I decided that they needed more time in the oven. Big mistake. 

While I concede they don’t look too shabby in pictures, it is in their texture that I find major fault. Instead of having a nice crisp outer shell, giving way to a soft chewy interior, these are crunchy. Like, bite-into-them-and-watch-the-crumbs-fly- crunchy. So my big conclusion is that I over baked them…something that Future Denise can easily rectify her attempts. But she should do some more research and try to figure out what is behind the wrinkly tops…perhaps it had something to do with my difficulties in achieving a good meringue this time?


Despite their failings, I filled them anyway…with the hope that the filling would mask their flaws. Y’all like chocolate and caramel, right? I don’t think they taste too bad. I just recommend eating them over the sink so that when you bite into them, the crumbs don’t fly all over the floor.

So this will be another project for Future Denise…hopefully, her chocolate macaron fate will be more favorable.

2 responses to “Another Challenge for Future Denise

  1. Can I eat your mistakes?

  2. I think the next time you guys come down to LA we should go here together:

    Never been personally but Allison brought some to me…they’re GOOD. Will definitely bring you inspiration for flavors too!

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