Birthday Pies

This is going to be a brief post for a couple reasons – 1) I lost my voice so I don’t want to talk much & 2) I was so distracted during the process of making these pies that I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures.

But anyway, this past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday, and, as always, I made him some birthday pies. He is one of the weird people who claims he doesn’t really like cake and prefers pies. In fact, at our wedding, he was trying to convince me that wedding pie would be better than cake. Silly boy. Don’t mess with me and my cake. 

But this post is about his birthday, not my wedding (hahaha), so he gets his choice of pies. This year he chose pecan pie (his favorite) and a pear pie, which I translated into Pear and Almond Tart.

This is the crust of the pecan pie:



And the filling:


And those would be the only pictures I have of the pecan pie. Use your imagination and put those two images together. That’s more or less what the finished product looked like.

What really surprised me, though, was the Pear & Almond tart. It’s something that’s been on my list to make for a number of years now, and I never got around to doing it. I don’t really have any pictures of me making it, but here’s the finished product.


I wish I had taken better pictures of it, but there were about 20 people staring at me and waiting to eat it while I was taking pictures and I didn’t want to keep them waiting. But, basically, it’s got a sweet butter tart crust and is filled with almond cream and poached pears (I cheated and used canned pears – which, apparently, is what they use in the fancy French bakeries in Paris so I don’t feel too bad about that). I was very pleased with it and am looking forward to making it again – hopefully, with better pictures.

So what do you think? Also, do you prefer pictures of just the finished product or are the images of the process interesting, too?

2 responses to “Birthday Pies

  1. I heard they were amazing, sorry I missed out. I like the pictures of the process too.. in fact I like it when you put the process pictures up and THEN the finished product.. it’s like watching it unfold before my very eyes!! 🙂

  2. What do I think? I think the sweet butter tart crust was the bomb diggity. Ryan should have a birthday every day! But then you would be married to an old fogie…

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