I started this blog as a means of documenting things that I create, specifically dessert-type things. However, this post is going to diverge slightly from that original theme (i.e., no dessert today – sorry!).  This morning, I had the opportunity to participate in a tasting event at Jamba Juice – this is one of the perks of having joined the food blogosphere. So although Jamba Juice has nothing to do with desserts I create, or desserts in general, I am a big Jamba fan and could not pass up this opportunity. So I apologize for the small digression from the original intent of this blog, but I just had too much fun this morning and had to share it with you. 

The event Jamba Juice hosted this morning was to introduce their new line of food. Starting this Monday, 222 Jamba Juices in California will start serving a selection of packaged and hot foods in addition to their smoothies. To kick this off, they invited food bloggers into their Test Kitchen to sample the goods. Their new food lines include their “Grab and Go” products (ready-made wraps, sandwiches, and salads), California Flatbreads, and a line of Fruit Tea Infusions. We also got to sample their new Blackberry Bliss smoothie.

We started the morning going over the press pack and getting some background information on the company. Then we got a little tour of the employee kitchen – each of the employees gets a smoothie a day!

The yummy frozen fruits for the employee smoothies:



And then we walked by their sensory stations. This is where they do some tastings; they use red light so people can’t use the color of the food to influence what they think.


And then into the Test Kitchen! My camera started running out of batteries at this point…silly Denise forgot to charge it last night so I didn’t get any pictures of the facilities, which was really too bad. I found it really exciting to be in a place where people get paid to play with food! The first food item we got to sample was the steel cut oatmeal that they launched earlier this year. I got the apple cinnamon one – tastes like apple pie for breakfast! I could totally get on board with that. They also have a fresh banana topping and a bluberry/blackberry topping.


Next up were the Grab and Go wraps, sandwiches and salads. This one is the Greens and Grain wrap – red quinoa and hummus with field greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla. It came with mango vinaigrette. 


The other wraps include the Chimichurri Chicken Wrap, Asian Style Chicken Wrap and the Greek Goodness Wrap, which is pictured below. The Greek Goodness wrap includes feta cheese, kalamata olives and field greens wrapped in a beet tortilla (that’s why it’s red!). 

Greek Goodness Wrap


Their two salads are a chicken Caesar (“Caesar the Day!”) and a Couscous and Produce Salad.

Caesar the Day


Couscous and Produce Salad


Next were the hot food items – what Jamba Juice is calling “California Flatbreads.” They are almost like little mini-pizzas. They are intended to be more of a small snack or paired with a smoothie to make a meal. Unfortunately, this is where my battery fully died on me and I didn’t get any very good pictures. But if you can imagine – they are about 5 inches across and are heated to order. There are 4 different kinds: Four Cheesy, Smokehouse Chicken, Tomo Artichoko, and MediterraneYUM. 

And last but not least, we got a tasting of the new Fruit Tea Infusions – an infusion of organic green tea and natural fruit juices.

Prickly Pear Tea Infusion


The other flavors include Pomegranate Tea Infusion and Passion Fruit Tea Infusion. These drinks are like the smoothies – they are made to order and can be customized (e.g., extra tea). 

With the summer months coming up, I was pretty excited about these new offerings from Jamba Juice. I think these could be a great choice for people looking for an easy, healthier, fast meal.

2 responses to “Jamba!

  1. what a fantastic sounding morning!

  2. Thanks for bringing home samples! Delicious lunch (and for the right price!)

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