Red, White & Blue cupcakes

So I think it’s pretty clear that I haven’t been terribly good at getting posts up in a timely manner lately…regular life has just been crazy lately, and I don’t really see it calming down any time soon. So just a warning to anyone who is reading this: posts might be erratic and brief in the next month or so.

I feel almost silly posting these now – we are so far past the holiday that they look like they should be marked “90% off!” and stuck in a discount bin, but I really wanted to share them with everybody because I thought they turned out pretty well and were fun to make. The story behind these isn’t too interesting: Ryan and I were invited to a picnic for the Fourth of July and I wanted something cute and theme-y to bring. I think the best part about these cupcakes is that this was the first project that Ryan really “helped” in the kitchen!

These were also very easy to make, if slightly more labor-intensive. We accomplished these by mixing up a batch of white cupcakes, splitting those into two bowls, and coloring one bowl blue. Then we did a half batch of red velvet cupcakes, and then layered the three colors into cupcake liners. Easy-peasy! 

setting up 


Ryan, sifting


I hope I did all my conversions right!


Two bowls of white


White and blue


Mixing up the red


Here we go…super red!


Into the oven




The layers are a little uneven, but you get the idea


Ready for the party!


2 responses to “Red, White & Blue cupcakes


  2. so patriotic! that’s great…any new creations lately?

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