I’m still here!

Hi there! Sorry for my seriously long absence from all of you; I’m beginning to feel like a broken record, but life has been really busy, and it just all gets in the way of blogging. However, this does not mean my oven and mixer have been neglected. On the contrary – they have been getting as much attention as they ever did. Sweets have been flowing out my kitchen…at least one cake a week! Unfortunately, aside from some lovely memories, there is little record of them. As I have said before, I am terrible, horrible, at documenting what I do. This blog was supposed to help me get better at that, but, alas, that has not really happened. 

My most recent project was a purse cake that one of the nurses asked me to make for her birthday. Apparently, she is quite the bag lady (the good kind), and she really wanted a cake that represented her. This was my first attempt at a sculpted cake, and I have to say, it was a good learning experience.

The cake is based off a purse the birthday girl owned…it is a lovely chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. Mmmmm…yummmy…

As I said, it was a learning experience…in many ways. Something I discovered is that I am not good at learning from my previous mistakes. One of the biggest challenges I have had with fondant is that I do not let the base layer of buttercream to sufficiently firm up, thus, creating a lumpy cake! Lumps! Gak! 

So here is the finished purse cake:


and from the side (you can see where one side started to slump…)


The handles are made from gumpaste painted with silver luster dust. They looked pretty good, but were quite fragile. Upon delivering the cake, they actually fell off and we had to make some less than ideal repairs. I was grateful that I remembered to take pictures before the whole thing fell apart.

One of the best part of making a sculpted cake, though, is all the scraps! Yummy cake scraps that I can snack on while I work. With this particular cake, I had so many scraps that I decided to make some cake pops to accompany the purse to the party.


Apparently, these were a huge hit at the party. I was unable to attend the party because I had to work, but people told me lots of nice things about the cake. (The people I work with are so nice and polite.)

Here are a couple pictures of a cake I made a few weeks back – not great pictures, but proof that I have not been neglecting my oven.

chocolate cake with salted caramel and chocolate ganache


completely forgot to take pictures before the sun went down, which makes for less than ideal pictures


didn’t taste too bad


2 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. that last picture…mmmm…yummm. and salted caramel??? that’s like my new favorite everything. my birthday is coming up and this would be a great birthday cake =) seriously

  2. MMmmm I had the privilege of tasting some of those purse-cake scraps. They were om-nom-nom-licious!! 😀

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