Cupcake party!

This past Friday I had the pleasure of hosting my first cupcake party! The idea was born between my lovely friend, Stephanie, and myself when we were drooling over the pictures in Hello Cupcake! Our goal was to be able to make lots of different cupcakes and not have to eat them all…thus, we invited a bunch of our friends over to assist us in creating a huge sugar-y, delicious mess.

Stephanie and her sister came over early to help bake the cupcakes. Although I had list of about 8 different kinds I wanted to do, we decided to keep it simple and stick to chocolate and yellow cake.


IMG_3975The chocolate cupcakes are from The Sweet Melissa Baking Book (actually, they are technically a devil’s food cupcake), and the yellow cupcakes are based on a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Despite having successfully made that yellow cake before, the cupcakes are a little…interesting. Please ignore the holes on the tops of the them…and their very interesting texture. Our guests were extremely polite about them and did not comment on this.

After a lovely dinner, we got down to business. Although my intention was to just let everyone go for it, they insisted on a demonstration.


fitting a coupler



And then the creations started…

Kim and her Star cupcake





Transamerica Building or Eiffel Tower?

Transamerica Building or Eiffel Tower?



Those are just a small sampling of the beautiful creations that came about…I had a blast putting this together and sharing one of my favorite activities. I hope everyone else enjoyed it, too!

One response to “Cupcake party!

  1. The party was AWESOME and DELICIOUS!! I had no idea we had so many artistic friends.. they were all so beautiful. Thanks again Den!! You can bake for/with me anytime 😉

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