Yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting


A few of you might remember that I had some issues with the yellow cupcakes we made for our cupcake party a few weeks ago. What with the crazy lemon bars and the hole-y cupcakes, I was starting to feel like somewhat of a fraud and a failure. Despite all the reassurances from my friends that the cupcakes were fine, the fact that they were less than ideal was really bugging me. In order to prove to myself that I can make a good basic yellow cake without the assistance of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Betty Crocker, or Duncan Hines I felt the need to try again.

a much better yellow cake


My plan had been to fill it with the leftover coffee buttercream I had from the party, but I quickly nixed that idea when I failed miserably at reconstituting it.

gross coffee buttercream


I quickly changed plans and filled and frosted the cake with chocolate mousse buttercream…much better idea.


And finally…ta-da! Much better than the cupcakes!


IMG_4105Sorry, no pictures of the interior. Despite my intentions, I forgot to bring the camera with me to our friends’ house where we ate it. Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, all of this was done a couple days after the cupcake party…I just haven’t had a chance to post in since then. So the coffee buttercream didn’t go bad due to age…more like user-error.

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