Summer 2010

So I’ve gotten a couple complaints from the three people who apparently are checking this blog that I haven’t  been updating. And guess what. They’re right. I really suck at updating. I probably really have no business having a blog if I can’t keep it up to date, but it’s just  so much easier to post pictures on Facebook. So for more consistent updates, check out my Facebook page – Denise Does Desserts!

But I guess that’s still no excuse…so here are some pictures of a few of the things I’ve worked on this summer…

This was a wedding cake I did for a wedding in San Jose…I was just casual acquaintances with the bride and groom, but it turned out I knew about a third of the guests at the wedding!

The bride actually asked me to do 2 cakes – a 2-tier red velvet cake and a single carrot cake. As I recall, the cakes were for the family and the rest of the guests were served another dessert.

The bride made the cake toppers – they were sooo cute!

The carrot cake

I believe the day I was making these cakes was actually National Donut day. I think I must have had too many cake scraps because I decided that while I was making a wedding cake, I had to make donuts, too!

That was really probably not the smartest choice I could’ve made that day. But those donuts were pretty darn good!

And then awhile later, I was trolling the food blogs and saw that Smitten Kitchen had made root beer cupcakes – something that I had been meaning to do for about a year…So I HAD to jump on that bandwagon…

And then there were the baby shower cakes and a wedding cake that I had to make for the same weekend…my apologies for the quality of the picture…my phone was all I could manage as far as documenting. I think each of those was a different flavor: red velvet with cream cheese, carrot cake with cream cheese, chocolate with mocha buttercream, and a vanilla cake with a mango curd…maybe…I actually don’t remember now.

So while I was making those 4 individual cakes, I was also working on a 3-tier wedding cake…this cake in fact:

That’s 3 tiers of a vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. But the best part was the cake topper…

Especially the Lego “bride”…

So that takes us up to the end of July…I did one more major cake, but I promise to do a full post on that one in the near future.

One response to “Summer 2010

  1. keep up the awesome baking! was in Austin couple weekends ago and tried cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! and in LA last weekend and had some from Frosted Cupcakery and thought yours were well on par with theirs! no joke. you rock

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