Did  you grow up eating Mallomars as a kid? I remember reading about them in books and hearing about them, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had an actual Mallomar. For those of you not familiar with them, you can view the official Nabisco cookie here. They are essentially a graham cracker base with a “kiss” of marshmallow on top, enrobed in chocolate. Sorta like a cold s’more. Pretty excellent stuff.

So we start the cookie base…officially, not a graham cracker base since I did not use any graham flour.

After those are baked and cooled, I piped a swirl of marshmallow on top…that’s right I made marshmallow. And it was awesome. Sorry, there are no pictures of that because I couldn’t manage boiling sugar syrup, beating egg whites and a camera all at the same time. I’m just not slick enough for that.

I was probably a bit generous with the marshmallow, which meant that some of the cookies didn’t get any. Sad. But the ones that did were pretty happy!

After the marshmallow is set, they take a dunk in some nice, warm chocolate…


And then add sprinkles for fun!


I was pretty happy with the way these turned out. The only thing I would do differently would be to pipe the marshmallow on a little differently…I would probably stay away from a swirl-type look to minimize an unfortunate resemblance to something less appetizing. But  their appearance didn’t stop anyone from eating these!



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