Home Made Samoas

This all started a few months ago, during Girl Scout Cookie season, when I was at work. Somebody had a box of Samoas (or Carmel De-Lites depending on your preference) and someone basically challenged me to re-create them at home. I have to admit, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a few years. Apparently, I’m not motivated enough to do anything until someone tells me I can’t.

cut and back shortbread rounds

toast shredded coconut

make caramel sauce…mmm

mix caramel and coconut…spread on top of cookie

melt chocolate (I used a premium dark chocolate)

dip bottom in chocolate and drizzle top

and voila!

How did they taste? People loved them…I was told it tasted like a better version of the actual Girl Scout cookie. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t originally too into them. I thought I had completely missed the mark. However, after a few days in the fridge, the flavors kind of melded together and improved them immensely.

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